Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jake Is The MAN...

Jake thanks for editing my header...

Chillin with the Connor...

Connor and I got to spend a little time chilling reading "How Dinosaurs Learn There Colors"!

Man I tell ya it is intriguing and invigorating...definitely kept our attention the whole time. We then commented on how "deep" and moving the book is, it made us laugh it made us cry!

Definitely a good book to read I highly recommend it to the post modern emerging grace filled generation that is looking for a change in the everyday routine of life and love...

Yes i had fun sitting with my boy learing how dinosaurs obtain the ability to see and know colors...he just likes the pictures!

aww so do I!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ahhh the wonder of sleep...

All of my kidos have amazed me with the ways they sleep and Connor is no different...this is how I caught him waking up from his nap. Almost looks like it hurts but he woke up in a good mood so who's to argue with what works. Worked for an old rancher in Arkansas growing up and he always said "if it aint broke dont fix it!" and that motto seems to work here as well.

Same child sleeping under his pillow...oohh well he is happy and asleep!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I will post pictures later...but for now let me say "I can park my vehicles in the garage"! Wooot for me, since we moved in I have been unable to park in the garage because of "junk" I mean "stuff" still in the garage from the move! But after all the work done yesterday (thanks to Kelly helping me move a BIG item in) it is clean and organized.

pics will follow later...

Here is the main part of the garage and when we first moved in it was PACKED with stuff...

Here is the far right side, at the begining the bike barley even fit now I have enough room for a couple more ;) !!! (God Bless you Kelly)

And here we are looking at the hole I punched in the ceiling to store all the "stuff" that doesnt need to be accessed all the time...and yes I will put the ladder thingy in at some point!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camp...what a week!

Camp was amazing as always John Tasch came again and did the first 3 nights with all the kids...we got the idea to do camp with everyone at once (2nd grade - 12th grade). We (Pastor Jeff and Sunday, Pastor Mark and Debbie, and Kelly and I) really felt that God wanted to create a flow of influence in the children's and youth of LWCC and we have seen it was a powerful week!

Elementary kids left us on Wednesday morning and the last two nights where Pastor Jim from LWCC and he did an amazing job of tying the whole week up and getting the kids thinking of how they can take what they posses and distribute it to the world.

The crew at Lake Geneva Christian Center are a some awesome people ready to serve and always willing to give...thanks for all your help!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Starts on Sunday and all I have to say is...BRING IT ON! Looking forward to what God is going to do through John Tasch and Jim Hammond. Really excited to hear, see, feel, and be apart of the worship. And just all around ready to have some fun!

Mom is home and the funeral for grandma is over...thank you Father for your strength and peace!

And thanks to all who prayed, said, and did all the nice things for is appreciated!

Here is one big on...Sunday Burquest hunted us down like a crazed stalker on wednesday she said "she had something to drop off"...she dropped off an entire meal! What a blessing I know my wife was hugely blessed cause she had no time to make a meal and this hit the spot!

Wasnt smart enough to take before pics...but here is the damage!

cannot get the pic to sit right...but you get the idea. Great food...and as you can tell the cupcakes had no chance of survival!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

and a home coming...

Tomorrow is a fun day...a day that I am excited for and here is why.

First my mom gets to come home from the hospital. I am totally excited for this home coming because of what God has done...what a quick healing! She had surgery on Tuesday at 4:00pm and by 7:00pm she was up and walking around (not running a race) but moving to the bathroom and back. Today we went for a walk around the hospital and what God has done is totally amazing in seeing what He has done in her! WOOHOO for God. So tomorrow we get to celebrate her home coming.

Next we have a funeral to go to for Kelly's grandmother "Marion E. (Schrupp) Almquist". What an amazing woman...I knew her briefly and was blessed by her. Today I read thru her obituary and one point stood out to me "11 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren" man what a legacy this lady left behind...and tomorrow we get to celebrate her homecoming as well.

that is her holding my youngest sons hand...she is an awesome person! We are blessed to know her!

Monday, August 11, 2008

a passing away...

Kelly's grandma passed away what a way to start a post! Sorry about that but hey with my mom in the hospital getting ready to have surgery on her back, camp with 390 some odd people in a few days (we start on sunday), and the real possibility of Kelly not being at camp because she needs to help my parents at home...cause mom is having surgery. I guess I could say thank God that He is in control!

ohh yeah we do thank you for your prayers of strength and healing, strength for our families and us as we walk thru another death, and healing for my mom!

I know its short...not funny...not aww forget it I am tired and all I care to know is God is in control!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

really thankful for an understanding wife

Today has been a really busy it started early 5:00 came a call from mom (mom and dad live downstairs) and she needed help. So the day started off with a run down to the hospital and I ended up spending most of the day there with her.

She is doing okay but gets to spend the night in the hospital...but all is good with her! So where does the beautiful wife fall into all this? She takes the kids and my dad and runs with the day and here it is:
- makes dad his lunch cause he will be staying at home.
- makes 3 kids there breakfast and gets them out the door to church to make sure 2 Jr High Youth Services get up and running.
- then part way thru the day gets the news her grandma is not doing well and is on her way home.
- calls me cries her eyes out and then picks herself up and finishes the last service.
- goes and sees her grandma then picks up the 2 boys from being watched and heads home

This woman amazes me...cause then she goes to the supermarket and pick up some food. Steaks for us and hotdogs for the boys (chayse is at wessies and natos...thanks guys) and man that steak was good!

Thank you God for what you have blessed me with...

Friday, August 08, 2008

He said it...and I can relate.

Los put up a post about something that is really close to my heart...where I work. I grew up in a small church in Arkansas (nothing against it at all) who had a big vision and a small force to get it done. Where as now I am at a mega church that has a big vision and a large force to get it done.

So before I dig any further I will let him say it cause he did a better job...Los.

Give it a read and remember we are all on the same team!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Off the Reservation...

Man it has been a while since a post...a week ago Tuesday we moved into a new house in St. Michael and have been busy ever since unpacking and organizing and we are still not done! So thus the reason for the "drought" of info but I am back!

Got to run down to Dulonos Pizza in uptown for the bike night and WOW was there alot of bikes. Saw some cool one-off stuff and a few choppers and bobbers that where very inspiring. However there where a few cafe racer styles that really caught my attention. Really want to put one of those together.

However this bike was too dang cool to pass up...

you have to love that springer front end...

Monday, August 04, 2008


Get your hands on the DVD from the Fifth Service...thats all I have to say!