Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trying to figure out what to call this post…

It could be one of “Sorry been busy” or “Had other things to do” or “I am a Looser” but I think the title that I have chosen works.

So what to start with…not to sure but I know one thing has really consumed me for the past months besides God, family, church, job, baseball, friends, motorcycle and the likes. My thought is to start there and let you know what I have been up to…or getting down to.

Here is the deal in November of 2009 I stepped onto the scale downstairs to “just see” and a number popped up I had never seen 250…yes I have seen it in other forms with other meanings but never when it pertained to me and my size. I decided I need to do something and I need to start now.

I had found a fella who runs marathons and ultrathons (David Goggins) he has a very amazing but down to earth reason for running (raising money for fallen soldiers kids…basically). However he also has a very real out look on running and here is his statement “I’m nobody special. Let’s be perfectly clear…I don’t like to run. I don’t like to swim. I don’t like to bike. I do this to raise money for the children of soldiers killed in combat.”

He has received a lot of grief from silly folks who “live” to run for a number of reasons that you can see on his blog but I got a lot of inspiration from him cause I whole heartedly agree! I hate to run…it is not a bad confession it is just the truth! My thought at this point was “you know what he did it I can do it also”.

I am not running and working out the same way he is…here is the list: 72 bpm is the Resting Normal Heart Rate for you and me, his is 32 bpm / 3:45 am workout starts / Daily Workout…Run 15 miles, Bike 60 miles, + Weights. I do not do this…maybe I should?

I gained a little perspective from watching his video (found below) and found it inspiring to (was going to say drop weight but there is a better reason) gain self-control and not let my flesh dictate my life. I realized he is just putting some Godly principles in play and that is why it is working. At this point I could really ramble on about a lot of stuff but there are a few things that I need to get out.

1. I am doing this for God, Kelly, and my kids…not for me and certainly not for you (please do not be offended).

God – because this body and life I live are His.

Kelly – because she deserves to have her husband around and not be a pain in the butt to her cause he cannot control himself.

Kids – they deserve a better example than what I have set…I am here to train them as the bible says “I am the one who sets them on a path” (paraphrasing a bunch of different verses into one phrase).

2. I do run every morning on an elliptical cause running on a treadmill or out side is just to hard on my knees right now. I run for 45 min. I did not start at that point I worked up to it. I realized it took me 15 years to go from 190# that I graduated High School at to 250 and it was going to take time to “get it off” so I was and am in no hurry.

3. I have adjusted my eating but I do eat what I want. However I do not just “eat” anymore…I do my best with Gods help to control myself. I have not taken anything to help cut weight and do not want to.

4. I do wholeheartedly appreciate the complements but do not need or want them. I will say thank you and let you know that without God there is no way I could do it. However I am very happy and pleased with myself. I know that if I can do this you can as well.

5. If you feel that I am being mean, hard, unloving, judging, or any other thing…I am sorry for that and it is my fault for coming across that way…it is not my heart! I just know myself if I don’t go wholeheartedly after it I will not get it done.

So here is the 5 month update: 200 pounds is what I now weigh / I run 45 min every day my goal is 1200 -1300 calories burned in the run. I am a looser, I was busy with other things, this is what I am getting down to but for now I am going to do a better job of updating for no other reason than just to keep myself accountable.