Monday, May 18, 2009

Always wondered why...

Doesn't PETA throw red paint on this guy? Yeah I know overlook the fake stash and just go with the image...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am having an idea...

hhhmmm...not sure if I should do this or not? However I like the Neapolitan look to it!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Because we all love details...

5.6.09 Trip to Chicago to help Bryce pickup bike
Left in the morning at 5:00am and arrived back home at 11:20pm. Good trip got rained on twice. Had to deal with the sun after one of the rain storms and that was pretty blinding! Here are the details:

892 miles total (could have just put another 108 on and called it an Iron Butt...LOL)

Overall Avg. 51 miles an hour

Moving Avg. 61 miles an hour

Max speed 86

Total Time 17 hours 22 min

Moving Time 14 hours 40 min

Stopped Time 2 hours 41 min (take account that 45 min is not in that total because the GPS was turned off while I ate dinner)

22 gallons of gas where used (I did fill up at home for free so that is the extra 4 gallons of gas)

41.35 was the cost of the trip all gas (Bryce paid for dinner...THANK YOU!)(Who cares about all the tolls?)(Actually I do…but there is no way to figure it out)

892 miles/ 22 gallons = 40.5 miles to the gallon