Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shared in Prayer the other day...

I did not share this...but I assume Pastor Ray Kelly did in our morning prayer here at LWCC:

Revival ceases when Christians lose the spirit of brotherly love. Christ will not abide with people in a revival any longer than they continue to exercise brotherly love.

When Christians are spiritually on fire, they feel this love and they call each other "brother" or "sister." But when they grow cold, they lose this attachment to one another, and then calling someone brother or sister seems silly and they stop it. In some churches they never use such names; but where Christians are awake, they naturally do it. I never saw a revival where they didn't. But as soon as this love fades, the Spirit of God is grieved and departs from among them.

A revival will decline and end unless Christians are frequently reconverted. In order to remain in the spirit of revival, Christians need to be frequently convinced, humbled and broken before God-"reconverted." Many don't understand when we speak of a Christian being reconverted. But during a revival a Christian's heart is likely to crust over and lose its exquisite delight for divine things; unction and victory in prayer dwindle, and then the Christian must be converted again. He will impede the revival unless he passes through the process every few days.

No one I have ever worked with in an awakening could consistently manage the revival without going through this process of brokenness once every two or three weeks. Revivals often decline because if becomes impossible to make the church feel their guilt and dependence, in order to break them before God. Pastors, understand this, and learn how to soften the church and break yourselves when you need it, or else Christians will become mechanical and lose their fervor and power to prevail with God.

Peter went though this when he denied the Savior. Through his experience of surrender that followed his denial, God prepared him for Pentecost. I am surprised that "brokenness" is a stumbling block to some pastors and people who profess to know Christ. They invite Christ's rebuke, "Are you a teacher of Israel, and do not understand these things?" Until some of them know what it is to be broken, they will do little for the spiritual growth of others.

The above excerpt was taken from page 180 of Lectures on Revival by Charles Finney.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Faith Manifested...

Here is Chayse and the newest addition to the Shirley household...Chrissy!

I have 3 quick things:

1. I am all boy thru and thru...was the only boy growing up. Did not and still kinda don't get girls...but I now get this! I am so happy I was able to be there when this whole thing went down, I know Kelly would love to have been there but as a dad let me just say a few more things make sense!

2. American Girl does an amazing job of customer service! I am still amazed at how much of an intrest they took in Chayse and helping her pick out a doll. For all the girl knew who helped she was just out with her dad and dorky brother! But this lady walked Chayse thru it all and I have to say I am amazed! The lady that checked us out was just as helpfull. Then the young lady that helped Chayse pick out the doll came back over and sat down in the middle of the store with her and spent 20 minutes helping her get it out of the box and walking her thru how to care for the doll!! All I have to say is "worth the money"!

3. I walked away from today with a better understanding of this verse 1Pe 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge! I made a big deal out of Kelly's B-day (and learned alot) so we made a big deal out of today with Chayse (and learned so much more)...with that in mind we are making a big deal out of the 15th of this month as well...for a couple of reasons!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


All I have to say is Do not mess with this little girls faith cause when she puts her faith to something she gets it.

Should have learned from when she was younger we where in a FAO and looking at stuffed fish that she was totally in love with!

We played with it while mom shopped then when it came time to be done I looked at the tag and saw how much and said "No Way"...needless to say she did not!  She didn't pout or throw a fit she just thanked God for it...and 2 days later in Arkansas on a trip to see grandma and grandpa a total stranger walks up and hands Chayse the exact stuffed fish!!

Now to today...she has wanted an American Girl doll for some time and I have not seen fit to buy one (same reason as before $$).  So today she gets in the truck after school with her bag of Valentines and a red box from AG and in this box is a gift certificate to purchase any doll of her choice!!

This little girl never complained or whined about not having what she wanted she was and always has been happy with whatever she has been given...a big key in my book!

Do not mess with this little girls faith!  Makes me wonder what she will believe for next?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Miss that smile...

I have learned a long time ago there is not much you cannot do if you put your mind to it...however having your best friend around sure makes it a lot funner!

I do miss that smile...not the little one he is still here being a goober...I miss my best friend!

Yes she is in Jamaica on a missions trip and "no" I do not have some huge revelation of how good she is (I already knew that) and how inept I am with out her...cause that is not the case.

Wow that sounds calloused but it is not meant to sound that heart is this...I miss my best friend, and all that she brings to my day! God brought her to me and she is the best helpmate a man could have.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 random things, facts, habits, or goals

1. I really love my job…yes Jr. Highers are the best so much potential!

2. Both of my shoulders will pop out of place if I move just right…really fun in the middle of the night…to many dislocations over the years, also what ruined my baseball aspirations!

3. When I play any game and I need to focus I sit in a “catchers” stance…I know I am weird but hey if it works…then don’t mess with it!

4.  My real dad (biological) died before I was born…I have never seen a picture or meet any of my relatives on his side of my family…you could say there is a little hole there!

5.  I use humor to deal with tough stuff…see number 5!

6.  My “real” dad (the one who came along at age 4 and raised me) is the most awesome person ever, he has his faults…but I thank God that he came along when he did so I could have someone!

7.  I have rebuilt: a 68 camaro from the ground up new engine and everything, a 68 Boss Camaro from the ground up, a 72 right hand drive 280Z from Japan, a 72 Dodge Adventurer, a 58?? Or something 2 and a half ton flat bed International and getting ready to add two bikes to the list.

8.  I absolutely hate pro baseball…absolutely love college baseball!

9.  I despise pro football…and try not to religiously follow college football!

10.  When I was a kid I stole about 800.00 worth of lumber from a construction site…with the 72 dodge adventurer…do not ever do this!!!  The wood was for a Half Pipe…yes we lied as to where we go the lumber…man we where dumb!

11.  I used to run a mile in about 6 minutes without breaking a sweat…I thought it was a big deal?

12.  I threw three runners out to end an inning in baseball 11 times…once I did it in the first inning of a game and that team did not try to steal the rest of the game.

13.  I do not do anything half way…ask Kelly.

14.  In 8th grade I dead lifted 515 pounds and set a record that I think still stands…don’t quote me…there where only 4 people who lifted as much or more 2 seniors, 1 junior, and 1 of my 8th grade buddies!

15.  I had perfect attendance all thru school…yep that’s right I was that fella…never missed a day of school!

16.  I played the trombone in Jr High and some of High School.

17.  I enjoy being alone…but like having people close by…if that makes any sense?

18.  I love being outdoors.

19.  I watched my dad cut a tree down (after telling him I thought the truck was to close) and land it on the front end of the truck…man that sucker bounced!!

20.  I have fallen off of a tractor while it was moving and bounced off the brush hog it was hauling in the process…to this day my dad still doesn’t remember it…that’s why he just kept going and did not stop!

21.  I worked on a golf course growing up and would play 3 to 4 rounds a day…did this for 3 years, lowest score 62…all I remember about that round was it was the only eagle I have ever shot…hole #8 Mountain Home Public Golf Course!

22.  Favorite color is blue…don’t know why just think it is the best!

23.  Wanted to be an underwater welder…good money…short life span!

24. Have way too many ideas for motorcycle trips!

25.  I hate lists!!!!  Because it reminds me of work…I have to live off of them other wise I will not get anything done, so to make a list that doesn’t involve work just irks me!