Monday, September 19, 2011

Post Triathlon...

Here is the update on the Triathlon:

It was a lot of really!  I would say that all the prep made it fun.  For the diehards  no I did not puke or pass out but yes I did leave "it" all out there!  Very challenging is an understatement.  The fella who won the race did it in 1:27:42 to say he flew thru the race would be accurate!  I finished in a time of 2:21:44 so I was close...HAHA NOT!

The Swim...
Yep Kelly was right I swim like a grandpa...however some of the grandpas flew by me in the water.  The fella with the fastest swim time was 37 years old and did a 8:48 0.50 mile swim...mine was right around 21 minutes...gunna need to work on this!  It was fun, I was not intimidated, I did get hit and kicked a few times but I would have done better if I knew how to swim.  Also I did a lot of gawking...not good when you are in the race...but some of these folks just flew by so fast I had to watch in amazement!

Transition from swim to bike...
Went as planned only took me about 4 minutes to get up, changed and out so not bad!

The Bike...
Riding my road bike that is as old as I am was interesting...cause at some points I am passing folk on bikes that are $6000.00 pieces of machinery and at other times I am being passed so it was some give and take.  Do I want the very awesome tri-bike (sure) but not willing to pay for it!  The ride was fun it was cool to ride with folk and not alone as I had for the last month of training! 18 miles in 58 minutes...thats okay for me.

Transition from bike to run...
This part was very smooth...2.5 minutes in and out...except that I almost ran out the bike entrance area! 

The Run...
It was 5 big deal!  Other than the fact that I had just swam and biked (very thankful for having done this in training) it was a very nice run.  Just kept reminding myself that all I wanted to do was complete for this year and that is what I did!  5 miles in 50 minutes...way slower than I run but understandable for the day!

The best part of the wife and kids being at every point cheering me on...especially at the end they had signs as I cam thru the ending gate as well as some awesome friends!

The worst part of the the car 20 minutes away and getting stung by a wasp while driving home!  As if my whole body hadn't endured enough...which as I am a week done and the wasp sting still has a welt but the body recovered by the day after! (yes I did start in on another workout, yes I did take one day off to rest!)

questions, comments...lemme know!

Thursday, September 01, 2011


I have held off from putting this out here but I figure the accountability will is what I am doing the morning of the 10th. The 12th annual Square Lake Triathlon The short course event starts at 8:00am on Saturday, includes  a .5 mile swim, 16.5 mile bike and 5 mile run. THE SITE – Square Lake County Park THE SWIM – The swim takes place in Square Lake starting at  8:00 a.m. for Saturday’s Short Course THE BIKE – The 16.5 mile loop around Square Lake and through the small town of Marine. THE RUN – The 5 mile will circle Square Lake counterclockwise So there ya go everyone is invited to yell and scream at me to get my lazy butt moving...or...stand back and laugh! No I do not expect to win (cause the guy who won last year swam the .5mile in 10 min and it takes me right at 19 min) but the goal is to finish and have fun...which I will do! Questions? Comments?