Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Week With My Wife...

Got to spend a week in Florida with my wife and I think we had fun. Swam at the pool, and tried to do allot of nothing.

We did get to feed these little fellas...which was fun!

I love my kidos...let me just say that to start off. However i married my wife and in about 16 years all the kidos will be gone (connor is 2 and by 18 or so will be out of the house). I really don't want to look across the table and wonder who this person is sharing my house!

So Kelly and I made the decision a while hard as it may leave the kids every few years and go do something just the two of us. It has been a blast I am continually reminded why I married her.

As you can tell however she is not the best influance on me...she did some sort of pirate thing and got us throw in the stocks!

And Kelly proved just how salty she is by catching this bad boy!


Kevin Fletcher said...

Must have been a trip swimming with those gators.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had fun! Those trips are needed every now and then! We love you guys!!

Jake said...

Rock on you two!

I remember when I first started attending Sudden Fire. You would usually introduce yourself and your

"(hot or beautiful, or whatever the word you used was) wife."

I remember how she would blush/smile back at you and stuff. I thought it was cool.

You two love birds, you...