Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help I Cant Read...

I am stealing this post from someone else...Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Here is my take on it:

1. I as a Pastor rarely ever use a bible...WHAT!...yep cause all my bibles (8 different versions) are in my laptop and phone.

2. Every sermon i have ever written is in my phone and laptop.

3. ideas for sermons are in my phone and laptop.

4. notes from the last 6 years of listening to Mac, Lynne, or any other preacher are in my phone and laptop. I still have notes from the prior years laying around and have plans of scanning them into the puter!

I do all this because it makes my study time much easier...however i have found that i have a hard time reading books...i can sit down and make myself do it but i have found myself thinking "man if i just scan this thing into my computer..."

Have we all become to reliant on tech to make it thru the day?


Jake said...

I think we are very dependant on technology, and always will be. Even 70 years ago, people became dependant on technology. The car.

But I think there is also a balance. For example, I went without Internet for 4 whole days (a la cabin), and still loved life. In fact, it was nice.

So tell me, what model phone do you have?

suddenfire said...

I have a T-Mobile MDA…with a 2gig Micro SD card…yeah I believe you are right it is all about balance.

I know that when I go on a motorcycle trip or missions trip all I take is my phone and a bible (the only reason the bible goes is in case the phone dies).

The phone works with all my apps on my lappy and i use the same bible program on both "e-sword". As well as syncing with all my outlook stuff.

For me it all started with the idea of "convergance" instead of carring around 4 different things just use one for them all. I can do that with my phone!

Lord Sith Pastorus said...

Fred, you need to come over to the dark side and get iphones and Macs like Darth Jakeus and Lord Sith Pastorus. Yes, you can feel it rising in you can't you Fred. Break free from PC and come to the dark side! The IT department is not your friend Fred, we are your friends.

Jake said...

Fred, it's true. The iPhone will rock your world. Get one on July 11th. Only 200 bucks, and they will also be releasing their app store, which I can almost guarantee will include all sorts of Bibles and pastor-like applications.

May the force be with you.

suddenfire said...

Jake i am sorry i just cannot make the transfer to the dark side of the force...master yogurt has trained me to stay on the side of light!