Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best day just got trumped!

One...not "the most" but one of my most memorable days just got trumped. Let me be clear the day I accepted Christ is number one, getting married has to be number 2, however the birth of my kidos and me getting water baptized have always fought for a 3rd is the photo I have and will cherish forever...

Yep that is me getting water baptized...just like the day I gave my life to Christ I can remember all the details to this day. Lake Norfolk was flooded, Pastor Cary Sims and Pastor Vic Porter baptized me. They teased about holding me under a little longer just to make sure it takes...which I still do. This was a huge moment for me and it set me on my course!

However...there is a new photo that takes its place...

Yep that's my oldest kido about to be baptized by me...I do not have words to explain the emotions I feel other than...I am so thankful for this opportunity!

...and it is all done!

I love my job.

A face that loves God with all her heart...she blesses me every day and yes she learned that from her mom!

...she learned this from me!

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Beckypdj said...

BLESSED!! Thanks for sharing :)