Monday, July 16, 2012

Someone got a friend!

So a little bit ago I was saying how our one year old Brittany Spaniel needed a friend. It would make her days easier to have a pal to hang out with and then we would have another hunting dog.

Kelly and I chatted and decided we did not really want to do the puppy thing right now and we did not want to two dogs a year apart...3-4 years apart would be better. We made the decision on a Thursday to wait a few years before getting another dog. Then went up north (on Friday) to see friends and run in a race on Saturday.

Friday afternoon we pull up to our friends house and Colton sees there dog and goes nuts! Colton and Connor basicly played outside with the dog for 2 hours. The boys come in explain how much fun they just which our friend says "you can take him home"!

Long story made short God had a better idea than we did and we ended up with a 3.5 year old yellow lab that just loves the kids and will do anything for them...he is an awesome addition to the welcome Brew to the Shirley clan!

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