Monday, July 06, 2009

She did 1800 miles in 6 days...

Tuesday June 30th rode to a campsite out side of Redfield SD…not the one we wanted cause the road was torn up. Good camp site none the less…wind was nasty this day for travel then when we camped it stopped and out came the bugs!

Wednesday July 1st rode to the campsite at Pactola Reservoir in the Black Hills awesome site!

Thursday July 2nd hooked up with my brother but first I took Chayse to see Mount Rushmore…she was amazed. Rained on us so we went back to camp after a late lunch with rich but it was a good day all in all!

Friday July 3rd rode out to Devils Tower with the kidos…and went back to camp after stopping and letting the kids throw rocks in the river for an hour!

Saturday July 4th made our way out of town and ended up in Huron SD…awesome night! Stock car race and fireworks as well as a swimming pool!

Sunday July 5th rode home…got to see a lot of cool stuff on the way back! Love hanging with my girlie! We rode thru a small town that was celebrating there 125th year anniversary so she got to see all the horses and tractors and we went thru literally a few minutes before it started so the whole town was waving at her!

Big moments from trip…hugs, arms flapping in the wind, the singing, the laughing in my helmet, buffalo to close for comfort, prairie dogs, deer, and an awesome riding and camping partner…Chayse!

The biggest thing is to go at the kids pace...not yours...not a time to pull the iron butt out and bust out a 1000 mile day. Most of all...STOP AND HAVE FUN! This trip did a lot for me to chill out and take my time. We literally spent an hour in Spearfish Canyon throwing rocks...then when we got to Huron SD on the way back we went to the races and watched the fireworks!

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