Friday, March 07, 2008

Oh What A Day....

This little fella is Connor of the Shirley clan...he is the last child of three that Kelly and I have had the privalege of calling our own!

As you can imagine being the last one he tries to keep up with everyone else. So to my story of today...I start by going into his room this morning to find a naked connor (he did go to bed clothed) with a poopy diaper sitting there. Aparently he did not like the diaper being on and decided he would take care of it himself.

Next for the day Kelly took Colton and my mom and dad to the store with her and Connor and I stayed home so he could take a nap...yes he did wake up half naked but thank God diaper was still on. I proceeded to get him ready to head out with me to meet the others for lunch. Went out and started the Suburban and moved it out into the driveway and tried to come back in the house to grab the young one only to find to my horror he had locked the door on me!!

I have gone thru alot of crazy scary stuff in my time like being shot at hunting, to being shot with a blow gun in the face by a friend and bleeding like there is no tomorrow, to dislocating my shoulders. But this takes the cake on the level of crazy stuff...I was ready to kick in the door after 10 minutes of trying to get in when in one last effort i felt lead to try the handle one more time...and clunk! she popped open.

needless to say there are now a set of keys hiding outside ;)

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Evan said...

Ha! There's never a dull day with children..............especially BOYS!!! ;o)